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Everyone loves a freebie, so here are some which I hope you will find useful and/or helpful. These should be absolutely FREE.   If not, please let me know right away.  This page contains links for personal care, medical care, and pain relief.

Personal Care

  • Free Book--Free "Preventing Caregiver Burnout" Guide Book from Web Of Care
  • Free Book--Free "Alzheimer's" Booklets and Information from Alzheimer's Association
  • Thermometer Free Thermometer and Brochure from Relenza (US only)

  • A+D Kit--Free A+D Personal Care Kit - Cleansing Towelettes and Lotion samples

  • Arrid XX--Free sample of "Arrid XX" Ultra-Clear Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant (US only)

  • Breathe Right--Free sample of "Breathe Right" Nasal Strips and Coupon (US only)

  • CharcoCaps--Free sample of "CharcoCaps" for Relief from Indigestion and Gas

  • Bio-Metics--Free sample of Massage Oil and/or Massage Lotion from Bio-Metics

  • Fira--Free "Fira" Cosmetics sample - Lipstick and Mascara for the Hair, Lips & Eyesicon

  • Lip Liner--Free sample of "English Ideas" Lip Liner (click on the New Woman link)

  • Nail Care Kit--Free "Nail Care Kit" from Directly To You (US only)

  • Infusia--Free "Infusia" Eye Patch sample - Transepidermal Patches for Medical Use

  • PersonalMD Card--Free Instant 24-Hour Access to Your Personal Medical Profileicon
  • Flu Shots--Free Flu Shots to Medicare Reciprients - Medicare Part B Covers Flu Shots

  • Laxative--Free sample of "Next to Nature" Laxative or Nutripeak "Source One" Bar

  • Laxative--Free sample of "Next to Nature" - Natural Relief for Constipation (mail-in offer)

  • Sparkle--Free sample of "Sparkle" Denture Cleaner

Medical Products

  • Prelief--Free sample of "Prelief" Acid Indigestion Relief Medicine (US/Canada/Mexico)icon
  • Prelief--Free sample of "Prelief" Acid Indigestion Relief Medicine (International)
  • Coricidin HBP--Free sample of "Coricidin HBP" Cold and Flu Medicine (US only)
  • Alka-Seltzer--Free samples of Cherry Alka-Seltzer Plus and Lemon-Lime Alka-Seltzer
  • Nasonex--Free 30-Day sample of "Nasonex" Prescription Allergy Relief Spray (US only)
  • Metamucil--Free 2-Pack sample of Orange Metamucil and Free Intestinal Health Booklet
  • Valtrex--Free 10-Caplet Trial Prescription of "Valtrex" Herpes Medication (US only)
  • Aldara--Free "Aldara" Genital Wart Medication sample (Prescribing Doctors only)
  • Avita--Free "Avita" Acne Treatment Cream sample (mail-in form with Doctor signature)
  • Scot-Tussin DM--Free sample "Scot-Tussin DM" Sugar-Free Cough/Cold/Allergy Medicine
  • Quantum--Free sample of "Super Lysine Plus+" Cold Sore/Herpes Cream from Quantum
  • Samples--Free samples of Medications, Valuable Coupons, Product Information (US only)
  • Rigdon--Free samples of Alternative Health Care Herbal Products from Rigdon Emprise
  • Prilosec--Free Brochure, Personal Heartburn Diary and Questionaire from Prilosec
  • Dynafibres--Free sample of "Dynafibres" for Intestinal Relief from Dynamis (Europe only)
  • Vivarin--Free sample of Vivarin Caffeine Tablets and Coupon (at the bottom of the page)
  • Medicines--Free Prescription Medicines for those that Qualify - from the Medicine Program

Free Pain Relief Products

  • Tylenol--Free sample of "Tylenol Arthritis" Extended Pain Relief Tablets (US only)
  • Tylenol PM--Free sample of "Tylenol PM" - Pain Reliever with Sleep Aid (US only)
  • Excedrin--Free sample of "Excedrin" Pain Reliever, Newsletter and Literature (US only)
  • Aleve--Free sample "Aleve" Pain Reliever and Product Information (US only - ages 18+)
  • Motrin IB--Free sample of "Motrin IB" Pain Reliever, News and Special Offers (US only)
  • Dolo Rx--Free sample of "Dolo Rx" Topical Pain Relief Cream and Brochure
  • Miracle Balm--Free "Miracle Balm" sample - For Arthritis and Muscle Pain
  • Miracle Relief Gel--Free "Miracle Relief Gel" sample - For Arthritis and Muscle Pain
  • Imitrex--Free Trial "Imitrex" Migraine Relief Tablets or Nasal Spray and Newsletter
  • Orajel--Free samples of "Orajel" Products to Dentists and Pediatricians (US only)

Free Nursing Home Care Information in Louisiana

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